Taking Business to Greater Heights Beyond the Skies

By ironcore 15 Mar, 2022

Being in the U.S. Air Force made Tamiko Bailey fall in love with the aviation, comradery, and the people. After an incentive flight in an F-15 fighter jet, Tamiko knew she wanted to work in the aviation industry and developed a passion for it. She served in the Air Force for four years and was part of a fighter squadron unit, where she was able to build her knowledge and skills. Following her military career, her focus shifted, and she took a corporate position working with defense contractors.

After 16 years of military and defense industry experience, Tamiko decided it was the right time to start her own business. She already knew the ins and outs of the aviation industry and had some contacts during her long career. The only thing she needed was some capital to get started.

“I have an MBA and all this great experience. I’ve been in an aviation environment all my life since high school, and that’s when it happened,” Bailey said. “I wasn’t sure if I had enough money, connections and resources. I just really wasn’t sure If I could pull it off.”

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