Logistics & Facilities

BPS supports challenging missions by delivering reliable aviation logistics and facilities management services.

Ensures programs are staffed and supplies are delivered on time and at a competitive price for facilities and the warfighter.

Contractor Logistics Support/Life Cycle Support
Inventory Management
Aircraft Parts Brokering
Government Furnished Property Management
Stock Control
Repair of Repairables
Spare Parts Management
Warranty Management
Housekeeping & Janitorial
Grounds Maintenance
Mail and Postal Services
Irrigation Management
Post Construction Clean-up
Warehouse Operations
Aviation Supply
Materials Management
Process Improvement

Exceptional performance for planning, executing, managing and carrying out the movement of government assets.

  • Supply, Postal and warehouse management
  • Maintenance of facilities, passenger terminals, office buildings and hangars
  • Lavatory services
  • Perform minor and preventative maintenance
  • Aviation Maintenance & Parts

    Aviation Maintenance & Parts

    Bailey’s Premier Services, LLC (BPS) is a full-spectrum defense contractor that has established a solid reputation for supporting the Warfighter by providing quality aviation services and supplies to our nation.
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  • Base Operations Support

    Base Operations Support

    BPS offers comprehensive preventative and on-call aviation maintenance programs for base operations. As a full-spectrum defense contractor, BPS fulfills critical tasks that keep military bases running smoothly and effectively.
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