Bailey’s Premier Services provides professional security guards services around the clock. BPS is capable of staffing programs with unarmed guards throughout the globe. All of our security guard services are managed by a highly credentialed Program Manager with over 32-years’ experience (Retired Police Officer and United States Marshal’s Service Task Force Detective).

Security Services

  • Safeguard/Security of Government Aircraft & Government Facilities in up to 20 states
  • Escort Services for Distinguished Visitors & Public Officials
  • Mission Essential Designated Employees
  • Insured and Bondable
  • Key control, deters vandalism, theft and trespassers on your property
  • Restricted access operations; promotes safe workplace environment
  • Conducts vehicle patrols, foot patrols, lock checks, interior and/or exterior checks and parking lot checks
  • Performs set patrol services or random patrol patterns
  • Provides professional response to emergency situations and quick notification of local law enforcement
  • Alarm response, passenger screening, proper documentation
  • Fully vetted employees along with random drug testing of employees